The future looks bright

Not sure why that Pat MacDonald song came into my head but it captures how I feel right now. Anyhow, I am jumping out of my seat. Why you ask? Well, I just joined the team at Currensee as their brandy-new VP of Marketing. I am thrilled to join an amazing team of people and to help them bring their big idea to the market.

From my first meeting with Dave Lemont, the CEO and king of go-to-market strategies, I knew this position was made for me. It’s one part financial services (my past life), one part social media & community (my new life) and a healthy dose of innovation, testing and data gathering. Currensee is in stealth mode but I can tell you a bit about how they are changing the forex game. Say you trade foreign currencies. You chase the Aussie and play the Cable against the Swissy. You’re always trying to find an edge – tough to do when the markets trade 24×7 and most humans need some sort of sleep.

Well, Currensee, not only lets you stay connected to the market, it lets you understand and leverage the community of forex traders who are looking for an edge just like you. Kind of like a Facebook for forex traders. You can share a whole bunch of data with your Currensee friends and share charting strategies and trading ideas in real-time. I spent most of my life in financial services and have seen alot of products. Everything from active trader pro screens that look like a DOS terminal to level II quote screens that make you go cross-eyed. After seeing how the simple and intuitive the Currensee screens are, I know forex traders are going to love the product.

There’s alot of work to be done. Much to test and much to be learned. My job will be all about growing the trader community and figuring out which levers to pull and what buttons to push. I am thrilled to dig in and get my hands dirty. I will be a one-armed-paper-hanger so, I’ll be working my @ss off. But I am so jazzed about the mission and people, it will be worth every ounce of energy. I’ll be sharing more as I dig in and get us ready for beta.

Gotta wear shades.


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