Do people really talk on the iPhone?

I did it. I finally did it. I know, you’ve all been giving me crap forever about my Blackberry. Some made fun of it’s phallic trackball, others Picture 57it’s lack of app power, still others its inability to play music or even take a darn picture for that matter. Many asked why I wouldn’t switch. My answer? 1) Don’t want to switch from Verizon to AT&T  2) Don’t want to give up my keypad.

Well, on Sunday, November 15th, I did both.

As for #2, actually, surprisingly, it wasn’t that tough of a switch. Mind you, I have small hands (not sure how you big guys do it) and the auto-correction works pretty well, for the most part. I’ve put my thumbs to work and have gotten pretty good at typing pretty fast. The interesting thing I’ve found about typing on the iPhone is that I need to concentrate much more than I did on my Blackberry. My Blackberry was like typing on a computer – you know where the keys are, you could be putting on lipgloss and talking to your boss and still typing fast and furious. On the iPhone? Well, not so much. I have not yet attempted to apply gloss and type but have tried to talk to my boss and type (sorry, Dave) and it requires more concentration on the actual letters I’m trying to press. I know this sounds weird but it’s true and I guess I’ll get used to it so I can, once again, talk to Dave while typing.

As for #1, here’s my opinion. This device is not a phone at all. It is a mini-computer in disguise which is why the zillions of people who have iPhones just say “Yeah, AT&T sucks, but what are you gonna do?” Nada, that’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to fall in love with the slick display and the shiny buttons (mmm…shiny). The swift touchscreen action, the skakey-shakey to refresh Facebook, the endless app store, the iTunes all in one place, and the list goes on. You’ll notice I never said…the phone.

There was an interesting and timely Twitter post today by Jeremiah Owyang where he asked…

What percent of the time do you use your phone to actually talk? I use iPhone maybe only 5-10% for talking.

To which @Aaron Strout RT’d and said he uses his phone “about the same” and @jspepper said “Talk on iPhone??!”. Jeremiah later posted…

Most responses were they use their “phone” as a device/computer now. And the iPhone voice capabilities are substandard.

But isn’t the thing called an i…Phone?

You see, I talk on the phone. Alot. I have blown-out every wireless plan I’ve ever had. The interesting thing that happened on Sunday when I Picture 48got my iPhone is that I started talking on the phone less and using email, text, chat and other communication methods to “talk” to my peeps. I guess between email, text, Facebook, Twitter, Four Square and the other apps I haven’t even discovered yet, I can know where they are, what they are doing, what they had for lunch, where they’re meeting for drinks (mmm…drinks) and how they feel about the lastest celebrity drama. I can open attachments of all shapes and sizes, browse webpages and take pictures and share them on Twitter.

So, I ask you my new lovely, are you really a phone? I hear you ring every once and a while but, IMHO, you are not a phone. You are a shiny, beautiful gateway to helping me share more stuff with more people. Whether that sharing is through a Word doc, text message, song, photo, geo position or a simple virtual gift, it’s less about talking on the phone and more about sharing on my device.

Maybe you should have been called the iShare? Hm, that has a nice ring to it. 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. Joe Ranft

    November 17, 2009 11:47 pm,

    I talk on my quite a bit, but almost always with the headphones, and I did spring for the Apple $79 in-ear headphones with remote and mic. I love the remove on the mic and how it enables you to listen to the iPod, then answer and talk on the phone, and go right back to the music.

    I occasionally miss typing away long messages on my Blackberry, but nobody read those anyway, so I needed to be more brief. And it would be nice if my calls didn’t get dropped in the middle of Boston, but they do.

    I still have not figured out how to jog comfortable with the iPhone. Are there any tips out there, a decent armband?

  2. Michelle Heath

    November 18, 2009 10:22 am,

    I will have to check out those earphones, Joe. Thanks for the tip.

    As for my long Blackberry emails, you couldn’t be more right. Less is more in emails anyway.

    As for the armband, bought the Contour Bolt. Haven’t used it yet, but it seems pretty slick. Here’s the link:|frgl&cid=AOS-US-SHOP-Froogle.

    Thanks for the comments. Keep ’em coming. 🙂

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