MTV Turns 30 and I Feel Old

This week, MTV turned 30. I read Dave Holmes’ post on PopWatch about his love affair with MTV and all I could think of is how old I feel. I know, it’s not about me, but 30 years later – how can you not think about your first MTV experience and life before MTV?

When cable came down our street, my parents decided that not everyone in the house needed cable and that, apparently, since they paid the bills, only they did. So the crappy 15″ tv with the rabbit ears that adorned their bedroom bureau was outfitted with a cable box and remote. Along with a strict warning NOT to go in their room to watch tv. A kid’s dream come true.

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I remember running home from the bus stop, turning on the tv and sitting mesmerized on their bed watching “Video Killed the Radio Star” for the first time. I was completely hooked. Duran Duran, Thompson Twins, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Billy Idol…the list goes on. Watching the songs I listened to on my boom box come to life on the (small) screen.

Then I heard my mom’s car come down the driveway and off went the tv, smoothed out the bed spread, lights off and back in my room doing my homework and dreaming of My MTV.

What was your first MTV experience?

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